Sunday, July 21, 2013

Richard Edmond Thomas, Jr. (1882)

Remembrances of
Richard E. Thomas, Jr.

By his daughter,
Thelma Thomas Jackson, as told to Amy Thomas King, one of his great grandchildren.

     He believed but didn’t always go to church.  He joined the church for his wife, Lucille. 
     Two things in life that he thought were important were:  Be honest and be on time.
     He didn’t have a very happy childhood.  His father drank.  Because of that, he was very much against drinking.
     Took good care of his animals and always picked out the best beef, sheep, and pigs for tithing.
     He was kind to everyone. 

From what I’ve learned:
     Many people knew him as Ed.
     He and my grandfather, Jesse, did not get along very well.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jedediah Grant Little

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Deveraux burial information- Salem, Utah Cemetery

Deveraux's buried in the Salem, Utah cemetery

Last Name First Name Birthdate Deathdate Block Lot
Deveraux George Tiffany 9-18-1935 11-11-1995 55 6
Deveraux James 12-1-1933 55 6
Deveraux Jane Lewis 29 1
Deveraux Joseph 29 1
Deveraux Joseph, Jr. 29 1
Deveraux Mary Catherine 8-9-1876 4-3-1939 12 3
Deveraux Samuel 2-19-1873 1-3-1948 12 3

Elizabeth Thurston Little

Sarah E. Sheward Haigh

Haigh, John D.

Elizabeth Smith Thurston

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