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Dr. Friedrich Dellenbaugh,
who was in his day the only German physician in Buffalo, was born in 1808 in the Swiss Canton of Bern. He came to America in 1825. He studied medicine here, practiced for a while in Pennsylvania, and then came to Buffalo in 1831 and set up a practice here at the corner of Rock Street and Maiden Lane. In the years that followed there was a terrifying cholera epidemic, during which Dr. Dellenbaugh was a true guardian angel to the poor, to whom he extended his help. His assistant was later Dr. John Hauenstein. Until 1876 Dr. Dellenbaugh was an active member and ardent supporter of the St. Paul's Congregation, whose church at the time was located on Washington Street. Then he joined the Trinity Congregation on Delaware Avenue, to which he belonged until his death on January 15, 1891. Dr. Dellenbaugh took an active part in politics. From 1839 to 1840 he represented the old 4th Ward as Alderman. From 1855 to 1856 he was alderman to the 5th Ward. At his death he left behind 4 daughters. One son had died before him.
Dr. Samuel Dellenbaugh,
who was born on February 28, 1806 in the Swiss Canton of Bern, came with his parents to America in 1825, after receiving an excellent education in his old district. The family first settled in Georgetown, Ohio. Mr. Dellenbaugh, who educated himself to be a practicing physician, went to Wheeling, Va. in 1833 where he married. In 1845 he came with his family to Buffalo, where his brother Friedrich had been practicing as a physician for years. Dr. Samuel Dellenbaugh acquired a growing practice because of his ability. He died a highly respected man on June 17, 1879, mourned not only by his widow and 4 children but by the entire community. His family residence is located at 245 Ellicott Street.
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The Koons Family

Jacob Henry Koons was one of the most successful German settlers to come to Buffalo in the 1830s. He was born in Alsatia in 1806, attended school there, and emigrated to America in 1828. He worked for many months on a farm in the vicinity of Guilderland, Albany County, N.Y. but then established an emporium * with his compatriot, F.J. Handel. The friends, who had left Alsatia together, operated this business until 1832.They then came to Buffalo and opened a small store on Main Street near Genesee. They sold specialty items or notions such as watches. Since Mr. Koons and his partner were capable businessmen, they were able to move forward and later establish a branch store in Paris, Ohio. In 1848 Mr. Koons withdrew from the business.
By political affiliation Mr. Koons was a Democrat, who enjoyed the high regard of his fellow citizens. He found his calling when he was appointed Superintendent of the Poor in 1856. He administered to this office for 3 years to the full satisfation of all. Furthermore Mr. Koons was one of the first members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John on Hickory Street. He was also a cofounder of the St. John's Orphanage. Unfortunately he was almost completely blind for the last 10 years of his life however he still actively participated in charitable causes. On November 11, 1834 he married Miss Elisabeth Dellenbaugh of Columbus County, Ohio. Six of his children are still living. Mr. Koons died on May 9, 1889 at 73 East Huron Street, the home where his widow resides to this day. All who had the opportunity to meet Mr. Koons mourned his passing.
Elisabeth Koons, nee Dellenbaugh, is a sister of Dr. Samuel and Dr. Friedrich Dellenbaugh. She was born on September 7, 1815 in the Swiss Canton of Bern. She came to America with her parents in 1823. Her parents settled in Georgetown, Ohio. On November 11, 1834 she married Mr. J.H. Koons of Buffalo, with whom she lived in wedded bliss for 55 years.
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